Maxem Facilitating a Safe Return to Work

At MAXEM we are continuously requested by our multi-national, corporate and local clients to present them with innovative and cost effective solutions to manufacturing challenges. In partnership with our principle suppliers, we source, adapt, customise and deliver products and solutions to match our client’s critical requirements.

In light of the current situation, extreme challenges face those returning to work. And once again, MAXEM has responded to solving these challenges.

Most critical amongst these challenges is the improvement of staff safety, their protection and also their confidence in returning to a safe and controlled working environment.

To address these specific challenges, MAXEM presents the following solutions:

Hygienically Clean Working environment

Every working surface and contact point in the facility needs to be hygienically cleaned and maintained therefore frequent application of cleaning agents is essential. Cleaners with grease-dissolving properties are particularly suitable for cleaning surfaces. The outer shell of viruses, such as the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, consists of a fat membrane in which viral glycoproteins are embedded.
This fat layer protects the virus.

By using fat-dissolving soaps and detergents, the fat layer is dissolved and the threat of the virus is eliminated.
This also happens with alcoholic disinfectants. But because alcoholic disinfectants are currently scarce, they should be reserved for the medical sector to protect our front line staff.

To meet these specific demands MAXEM’s German chemistry partner, Bio-Circle Surface Technology, has developed the Viral cleaner range of products offering a label-free, VOC Free/Reduced, solution to address these issues.

To learn more about Viral Cleaner follow this link

Temperature Access Control Camera

As companies return to work the safety and health management of your workforce is critical. In its most basic configuration, the TAC-202 thermal access control solution offers a first level of defence against possible shift or workforce quarantining by scanning body temperature prior to access to your facility. Detection of asymptomatic cases is not possible, however cases of fever are identified that may merit further investigation.

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