Solvent Free Degreasing and Cleaning – Mobile Demos

Are You Reducing Solvents, VOC emissions and improving Health & Safety?

The BIO-CIRCLE range will help you to solve some or indeed all of these challenges.

From now until the end of June Maxem will visit your premises with a live demo unit in the greater Dublin and Kildare region.

Test the BIO-CIRCLE on your products. understand the technology and learn how it will benefit your company.

BIO-CIRCLE replaces solvents and vastly reduces recurring monthly charges associated with the solvent process. Maintain the system yourself. SAVE MONEY
With the Bio-Circle solution you pay for what you use. No need for supplier visits, just keep 1 or 2 drums in stock and top up as required. SAVE TIME
Easy handling, fast, safe and eco-friendly cleaning of strongly contaminated parts. SAFER OPERATION

The system uses biological technology to breakdown the greases and oils leaving a clean oil free surface.
The self-contained unit with heating, pump and brush makes cleaning of parts extremely efficient.
The liquid is warm with an apple smell making the user experience much more pleasant in a workshop environment

The long service life of the VOC-free Liquid makes the BIO-CIRCLE parts washer unbeatable in terms of economic efficiency.

The BIO-CIRCLE system operates without solvents offering a Natural biological parts washing solution.

Replace your solvent based cold-cleaner parts washer with the BIO-CIRCLE parts washer and make an active contribution to your employees’ occupational health safety and to environmental protection.

Contact us to arrange a demo at your facility!

Watch the demo video linked below or down load the brochure.

Maxem bio circle flyer A4

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