Viscom X8011-II PCB – 3D MXI

With the X8011-II PCB, Viscom offers a smart and economical X-ray inspection system. Applications range from random sample analysis and special inspection of individual components up to automatic start-up support and small series inspection. With the integration of the proven automatic SI inspection analyses, the system is ideally suited for high-mix low-volume manufacture.

At the heart of the X-ray technology is the open Viscom microfocus transmission tube (up to 200 kV) with high resolution. Optionally, a sealed direct beam tube (up to 130 kV), for example, can also be employed. Both tubes are renowned for their stable X-ray radiation during continuous operation. High resolution digital flat panel detectors are used for the highest magnifications and optimum image quality for evaluation of X-ray images. Viscom’s modular system concept offers every individual user maximum inspection possibilities.

The Viscom XMC software is available on the system for special inspections or non-standard components. With intuitive operation and comprehensive analysis functions, the inspection objects can be easily and precisely checked. In addition, 3D reconstruction with the Viscom proprietary computed tomography is also possible here. Thus, in addition to the improved localization of defects, individual slices or section images can also be visualized with this process.

The very special strength of the system is the fully automatic X-ray analysis with the Viscom SI software. It combines over 30 years of experience in assembly inspection and is especially oriented to SMD production. And so the well-known Viscom inspection depth of the X7056 inline family is also available for the offline world.


  • Fully manual or in-line-compatible inspection mode
  • Optional open high-performance tubes or low-maintenance closed tubes
  • Highest magnifications and excellent image quality
  • High-resolution digital flat panel detectors
  • EasyClick principle for easy mounting of handling units
  • Upgradeable with Viscom computed tomography for complete 3D analysis


Viscom X8011-II PCB – 3D MXI