Thermal Access Control Camera

Place the protection and welfare of your employees and visitors at the core of your business by utilising the latest in Compact IR and AI Camera Technology.

As companies return to work the safety and health management of your workforce is critical. In its most basic configuration, the TAC-2020 thermal access control solution offers a first level of defence against possible shift or workforce quarantining by scanning body temperature prior to access to your facility. Detection of asymptomatic cases is not possible, however cases of fever are identified that may merit further investigation.

Enable additional features such as basic face mask detection should that be deemed a requirement in the work environment. Additional advanced features include the ability to seamlessly connect to existing access control systems via Wiegand protocols. Time access, whitelist / blacklist, and advanced facial recognition technology are available within the system. These features are included with the software package and can be enabled and programmed should this level of control be required.

The TAC-202 uses automatic infrared imaging technology to detect the temperature of the individual. The camera system uses advanced AI algorithms to detect mask or identify facial features for recognition at more advanced levels.


  • Accurate body temperature detection and auto alarming.
  • Alarm via voice recordings and on screen information clearly visible
  • Audible instructions via speaker if appropriate
  • Face mask detection ready, turn on if required
  • Plug and play in basic configuration
  • Rapid deployment
  • Small footprint / wall mountable, simple 12V power supply included
  • No need for complex overhead gantry systems
  • Response time < 0.3s
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C,
  • Infrared Imaging Camera embedded
  • Simple relay contact trigger output
  • Full Wiegand access control protocol for building access system integration
  • Full onboard system software
  • Network ready with IP and FTP protocols supported
  • Facial recognition capabilities
  • Full access control, blacklist / whitelist etc

Technical Specifications PDF

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