Inovaxe InoAuto Smart MSD Cart


  • Prevent components from micro-cracking during reflow
  • Proper management of humidity control
  • Components are in the individual chambers
  • Digital display shows temperature and relative humidity
  • Manage components in accordance with the J-STD-033B standard
  • MSD levels managed are 2, 2a 3, 4, 5, 5a
  • 32 isolated hives that can store reels up to 13”, as well as trays, PCB stacks, and other packages.

Compatible with:

  • Inovaxe InoAuto locator software
  • Inovaxe MSD tracking software
  • Inovaxe kit and stock management software – InoView
  • Inovaxe flexible API can communicate with customer software (MRP, ERP, MES etc)