Seamark BGA Rework

Seamark BGA Rework Stations

Seamark Automatic BGA Rework Station ZM R7220A. The ZM-R7220A BGA rework station is high end automatic model with high definition optical alignment vision system. Designed for high precision and high quality applications. It is ideal for repairing all kinds of BGA chip sets in modern electronic devices.

Stable and Uniform Hot Air Heating System
Lower Heater Adjustable
Carbon Fiber Micro-crystalline Infrared Preheater
High-Precision PID Temperature Control System
High-Precision Optical Alignment System with Industrial High-Definition CCD (2MP)
High-Resolution Touch Screen HMI Interface
Automatic Placement, Soldering, Desoldering
Built-In Pressure Testing Device to Protects the PCB
Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Over-Temperature Protection.
Emergency Stop Function
SMD Feeding Device Support (Optional)
Add a side camera, more clearly observe the rework process(Optional)

Seamark ZM are a recognised manufacturer of BGA rework, X-Ray inspection and repair of advanced electronics. They have been in design and development of BGA Rework System Since 2005 and can provide the full solution in Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection & BGA & Small SMD Rework.

Please take the time to watch the video below of the BGA system in use and also check out the Seamark X-Ray system as the perfect inspection tool for use in conjunctions with the BGA repair station.

Seamark X-Ray X6600