E-THERM E-400 Lead Free Wave Solder

The E-400 is a CE certificated compact Lead Free Wave Solder Machine with inline finger conveyor, stepper driven spraying fluxer, hot air preheat zone & titanium dual wave solder pot.

PLC and touchscreen control system which can save more than 50 sets of parameters. User-friendly interface makes for simple and easy operation.

The high quality flux sprayer provides perfect atomisation performance of the flux. Stepper motor driven and programmable via the software.

Forced air convection preheat zone provide uniform heat for the PCB. Specially designed preheating system makes maintenance easier, motor and blower can be easily removed from bottom, heater can slide out from the rear.

Dual wave solderpot. Both wave heights are controlled individually. Wave height can be adjusted in the software as required.

Solder pot is made of Titanium material, 100% capable for the lead-free solder.

Customer can programme on and off time of machine with weekly timer for efficient startup and reduce energy consumption.

Light Tower and audible alarm for errors and emergency stop.

Titanium finger conveyor system.

Customer can choose “L” finger for pallet, or dual hook finger for pcb.

N2 optional for the solder pot.

Technical Spec

Model: E-400
PCB width: 30-400MM
Solder pot capacity: 200kg
Running power/general power: 2-5KW/12KW
Dimension: 2900(L)*1150(W)*1350(H)
Net weigh: 800KG
Controlling system: Touchscreen + PLC
Conveyor motor: 3Ph 380V ,90W
Conveyor speed: 200MM-1800MM/Min
Flux capacity: 6.5 liter
PCB Conveyor direction: Left to right