Schunk SAR-1300-BD 2-Uni Universal router

Flexible separation with bit spindle or saw spindle.

Can be retrofitted for manual loading and unloading and for single-shuttle or dual-shuttle system. The SAR-1300-BD 2-Uni Stand-alone router, with single-shuttle or dual-shuttle system, has excellent retrofitting capability (2nd shuttle, 2nd milling head) and a low cycle time. All movements are performed with highly precise SCHUNK linear components.

This machine is designed for manufacturers with small to large batch sizes and medium to high product variance. Panels can be separated with an end milling cutter or side milling cutter.

Special Features

  • Can be equipped with only one milling head (milling spindle or saw spindle module) or both
  • Panels can be fed with one or two shuttle axes depending on the required output. The second shuttle can be retrofitted at any time
  • Extremely short cycle times due to high-speed linear motor axes and minimal dead times
  • Maximum milling accuracy due to highly precise linear motor axes and the latest control technology
  • Maximum availability due to high-quality components and a simple system design
  • Ergonomic user height even for high assembly groups
  • Cost effective due to simple design and targeted initial investment with possible upgrade capability, short delivery time due to the use of carry-over parts – identical mechanical and electrical platform regardless of the separating process


Schunk Depanelling Routing