Schunk ILR-2000-B Inline Router and PAL-1400 Palletizer

Flexible fully automatic separation with optional palletization.

The SCHUNK ILR-2000-B Router with optional PAL-1400 Palletizing system guarantees maximum flexibility and minimal setup times in conjunction with a gripper change system. With the specially developed high-speed panel feed and the use of highly dynamic drives with path control for separation and printed circuit board handling, maximum throughput and flexibility are achieved. The simple and weight-reduced design of the printed circuit board grippers significantly reduces the tool costs.

Special Features

  • Minimal loading times at the panel feed due to the high-speed linear motor feed
  • Extremely short separating times due to the highly dynamic linear motor milling gantry with special milling brush hold-down device
  • Short handling times for cut-out assembly groups due to linear motor handling with path control
  • Maximum flexibility and minimal set-up times due to simple and automatically changeable printed circuit board grippers
  • Optional expansion due to integrated palletizing system
  • Upon request, the inline router can be equipped with a PAL-1400 Palletizing system. The cut-out assembly groups can then be placed directly in trays with dimensions up to 600 x 400 mm for further processing. Trays can be fed using carriages or belts. Different pallet variants can be reliably processed using optional pallet coding.


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