Fully automatic zero drain system
Ideal for cleaning stencils, screens and misprints
Suitable for defluxing of small volume of PCBA with high quality requirements


Removing solder paste from any type of stencils, screens and printer squeegees

Removing SMT Glue residues from any type of stencils, screens or PumpPrint stencils

Defluxing, removing activators and resin residues, cleaning contamination from handling and board manufacturing

Cleaning second side misprints on complex assemblies


  • Small footprint
  • Quick loading
  • Short cycle time
  • Complete drying
  • Easy operation
  • Simple programming
  • Clamping for all types of stencils
  • Wide range of PCBA fixtures
  • Two fully separated liquid loops
  • Low consumption of chemicals and water
  • Outstanding options of water utilization
  • Adaptive rinse water quality control