BIO-CIRCLE Parts Washer

The Bio-Circle™ is comfortable to use and eco-friendly, and it offers the optimal solution to any cleaning requirement.

It is easy to use; even heavily contaminated parts are cleaned in a fast, secure and eco-friendly way; the VOC free liquid has a very long lifetime; the BIO-CIRCLE cost-effectiveness cannot be beaten.

The BIO-CIRCLE runs without solvents and helps you meet the high requirements of the currently effective solvent regulation* (Germany: 31. BImSchV [31st Federal Emission Control Regulation], Austria: VOC-Anlagen-Verordnung [VOC Plant Regulation] – VAV).

Replacing your cold cleaner parts washer with the BIO-CIRCLE and makes an active contribution towards increasing occupational safety for your staff, and towards protecting the environment.

The system is available in cost effective sink based format constructed from premium grade plastic to Stainless Steel systems with automatic wash cycles.


BioCircle Parts Washer Brochure