Zestron VIGON® A 201 PCB Cleaning

Aqueous-based defluxing agent for high pressure cleaning processes

VIGON® A 201, based on the MPC® Technology, is an aqueous-based cleaning agent specifically developed for high pressure spray-in-air processes with short exposure times. It is recommended for removing a wide range of flux residues from electronic assemblies.

Advantages compared to other surfactant cleaners:

  • Specifically developed for inline cleaning applications
  • Ability to clean a wide range of flux residues
  • Excellent cleaning results even in cleaning processes with short exposure time
  • High bath loading capacity ensures an extended bath life, low maintenance costs and reduced costs per cleaned part
  • Surfactant-free formulation eliminates the formation of white residues on cleaned parts as well as cleaning equipment and eliminates time-consuming surfactant monitoring
  • Does not foam, even in high pressure applications
  • Halogen free


Zestron Vigon A201