Bio-Circle CB 100 (Multi Purpose Cleaner)

CB 100 is a water-based, low-foaming cleaner based on renewable raw materials. Its natural active ingredients dissolve contaminations powerfully without pitting the surfaces.

It has a pleasant odour, it is solvent- and VOC-free, and it does not require labelling under the CLP Regulation, which makes it an effective alternative to solvents or paraffin.

In addition, it is low-foaming and has a long service life, this guarantees effective use in closed-loop systems. The cleaner can be used for a long time, and less waste is produced.

Therefore, CB 100 not only protects the employees but also the environment.

Moreover, the cleaner can be rinsed off with water without leaving residues, which makes it suitable, in addition to maintenance, also for applications in some sectors of the foodstuffs industry.

  • VOC-free
  • Nature Boost: based on renewable raw materials
  • No labelling required under the CLP Regulation
  • Low-foaming
  • Water-based, phosphate- and solvent-free cleaner
  • Strong dissolving power with constantly good cleaning performance
  • For the removal of strong contaminations, such as special greases that are difficult to remove, rubber marks, bitumen- and wax residues, oils and pastes

Product Sizes: 0.5l, 10l, 30l, 200l, 1000l