Viscom X7056RS 3D AXI/3D AOI
Inline Combination Optical and X-ray Inspection

All the Viscom 3D AOI features:

• Full 3D inspection of components and solder joints
• 2D(Top) and 2.5D(Angled) inspection for polarity, OCR, hidden joints
• High speed inspection with high resolution images as low as 10µ/pixel
• Easy Program Creation
• Flexible, Powerful Programming with vVision software
• Integrated verification to ensure inspection capability using saved images
• Offline programming for maximum utilisation
• Inline or offline vVerify review station

Plus Viscom 3D AXI features:

• 2D(Top)/2.5(Angled)/3D(planar CT) x-ray capability
• Automated analysis of x-ray solder joint images
• High resolution x-ray images as low as 6µm/pixel
• High speed board transfer of 4 seconds with xFastFlow

Defect Coverage:

Insufficient solder
Solder bridging/short circuit
Soldering error
Missing component
Face down component
Form defect
THT filling degree

Excessive solder
Polarity defect
Damaged component
Bent lead

Missing solder
Lifted lead
Displaced component
Incorrect component
Excess component
Damaged lead


Viscom X7056-II