Viscom S6053BO-V Automatic optical wire bond inspection

Reliable inspection of wire bonds, components and conductive adhesive in one step

• Inspection of minimal wire thicknesses up to 15 µm
• Reliable differentiation of wire courses
• Recognition of defective bonds
• Reliable SMD component inspection
• Inspection of conductive adhesive bond
• Simple operation and inspection program generation with EasyPro
• Flexible conveyor concept: Single track or double track
• The data matrix code can be read from the program flow

Defect Coverage:

Missing ball/stitch
“Golf clubs”
Wedge position exceeds tolerance
Incorrect wire loop
Positon/rotation angle exceeds tolerance
Reversed polarity
Excessive solder
X placement
Broken component
Damaged lead

Position ball/stitch exceeds tolerance
Pad contamination
Foreign material, pad contamination
Curling, shortage
Tilted component
Scratches/foreign material on surface
Missing/excessive epoxy underfill
Missing solder
Lifted lead
Y placement
Wrong component
Form defect

Shape and geometry ball/stitch exceed tolerance
Missing wedge
Missing wire
Missing component
Wrong component type
Flipped component
Insufficient solder
Solder bridge/short
Soldering error
Misplaced component
Rotation of solder paste
Excess component
Bent lead


Viscom S6053BO-V