Inovaxe – Smart Intelligent Component Storage and handling


Material handling systems are limited to racks, bins, buckets and generic carts that are loosely adapted to the electronics manufacturers’ needs. Software solutions are designed to have broad applications ― generic solutions are used for CNC machine shops, plastics manufacturers, electronic manufacturers as well as a variety of assembly-type houses.


Single Package Single Location storage Carts and bins (InoCarts) in conjunction with our scalable Web based software (Inovision and InoView) brings about the following benefits to manufacturers

• Increase Inventory accuracy
• Decreases Machine set up time
• Reduces space requirement for part storage
• Minimize the Partial Reels

• Substantially reduces Surprise shortages
• Reduces Part Handling time
• Reduces Kitting time
• Decreases Substantially loading wrong parts being loaded in to the Machine feeders
• Reduces SMT machine load time


We are very satisfied with the Inovaxe Smart Cart as it helps operators replenish feeders efficiently as well as add valuable space on the floor.

The size of the cart is compact and mobile at less than 5 feet. The Smart Cart stores hundreds of reels ranging from 7” to 15” and comes in a variety of widths, which helps operators identify the parts required for the kit in seconds.

Before, we manually stored and replenished reels which would lead to possible errors and extended operator time searching for parts! By using the Smart Cart everything is in the system and saves so much time for us. The Smart Cart has been very dependable, as it is battery operated and lasts several hours.

The Inovaxe team including John, Mike and David always assists with troubleshooting any problems and resolving issues quickly. Whenever we have questions they always know the answer and provide wonderful customer service.

The Smart cart is a valuable tool for the SMT production floor as it quickly identifys reels and reduces costly operator errors. I highly recommend the Smart Cart to any company! Below are pictures of the old carts we utilized and the drastic difference this Inovaxe Smart Cart makes.

See below:

Tippy Wicker
Mfg. Operations Manager
Omron Automotive Electronics, Inc