Teknek SMT 300 / SMT 400 / SMT 600

A versatile in-line cleaner for surface mount processes available for single side or double side cleaning of boards 300- 600mm wide.

Specifically designed the SMT board cleaner to fully integrate into advanced surface-mount processes. It presents boards free of contamination to solder-paste print and reduces defects increasing quality and reliability.

Post laser marking also benefits from Teknek cleaning either as an off-line or in-line process.

Key Features

  • Unique Teknek Cleaning System
  • The SMT uses Class A ISO 6123 rollers. They’re available in traditional elastomers, plus our ground-breaking silicone-free Nanocleen.
  • Nanocleen™ complies with ANSI/ESD s20.20 2014 and combined with Teknek adhesive rolls delivers world-leading cleaning performance at less than 100 volts.
  • Alarm beacon
  • Touchscreen operator interface
  • Single Side Board support system