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AZ-Series Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealers with Gas Flushing Option

AZ-Series Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealers with Gas Flushing Option

The Airzero AZ-Series Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer is a new concept in vacuum packing. Airzero uses a nozzle to suck air directly out of the bag so that it overcomes many shortcomings of the chamber type vacuum packing machine.

Airzero allows you to package your delicate electrical/electronic goods efficiently and effectively as well as foods, medical goods, clothes and other products, protecting them from oxidation, moisture, external shock, static electricity, etc.

Airzero machines are Clean Room Compatible and work with all popular vacuum bag materials. They use a low noise, non particle-generating compressed air driven ejector vacuum pump which is maintenance free.

Airzero features include:

  • Rapid vacuum and sealing process
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Multi-function control: Sealing, vacuum packing and gas flushing
  • Fully programmable for consistency and repeatability of vacuuming and/or sealing
  • Upper and Lower sealing wires for heavier foil bags (especially those used in the electronics industry)
  • Various sealing lengths available: 450mm as standard, 600, 800 (others on request)
  • Can be ordered as a desktop version or with its own stand
  • Height-adjustable, angle-adjustable and vertical nozzle type models available
  • Tailor-made Airzero vacuum sealers available

View a short video of the Airzero in action -

Level: Entry
Function: Vacuum Sealer